My Sister and I Saved Thousands of Dollars on Hair Removal With This Painless Device (2024)

I tried professional laser hair removal… once. The treatment itself, though zippy, becomes a commitment considering the number of appointments (not to mention dollars, minutes spent traveling, and words expended on small talk with your technician) that are required to yield results. Post-appointment, which entailed a series of uncomfortable zaps, I left the office only to conclude I’d never return. Of course, consistency is a crucial precursor to visible hair reduction — from any energy-based hair removal treatment, be it IPL or laser —and so, I resigned myself to a razor-wielding life, accepting burns, bumps, and nicks as an inevitable happening in the quest for smooth, silky skin.

The Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL Hair Removal Device, an at-home hair-annihilating tool with professional results, has since enlightened me. I’m rather passionate about it, and somewhat perplexed as to why every person seeking permanent hair reduction hasn’t heard of it.Now's an ideal time to buy one for yourself, as it's marked down during Amazon's Big Spring Sale.

My Sister and I Saved Thousands of Dollars on Hair Removal With This Painless Device (1)

The Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL Hair Removal Device is a permanent hair reduction tool that whittles, and eventually destroys, body hair of all types, including coarse underarm hair, prickly leg hair, and errant bikini-line stragglers. It also works on stray chin hairs and dark upper-lip fuzz. Perhaps the most compelling element, aside from efficacy, versatility, and ease of use: The Ulike is genuinely painless — even in the most sensitive areas — thanks to an icy blast of air, which counteracts the sting inherent to most at-home IPL devices.

I discovered the Ulike device on Amazon during Prime Day in October and was drawn to its sleek design and purportedly painless technology. Though it sounded too good to be true, shopper reviews corroborated its claims. My sister, who had mentioned she was saving up for professional hair removal around the same time, was intrigued by it, and quickly nabbed a device to try. After a few weeks, I followed suit.

Frankly, I hadn’t expected much from a DIY device — particularly a device at an impeccable price point (considering professional treatments can cost thousands, Ulike practically cost pennies in comparison). Nor had my sister, who is floored by the rapidness with which it’s reducing her coarse leg hair and nixing the need to shave every day.

Ulike is hardly the first at-home hair removal device I’ve tried, but it’s certainly the best. Others, ostensibly, worked — at least, judging by the sting I felt with each pass along my skin. That said, I never followed through with the weeks of treatment necessary to see results, as the discomfort was a barrier to consistency. Ulike is, as advertised, totally painless. So painless, in fact, that my sister was skeptical it was even doing anything the first few times she used it.

The device could hardly be easier to use. Simply plug it in, press the power button, and a whir of soft, cool air indicates its ready to go. Choose among three intensity levels (I use the highest one) and press the device gently onto the skin, over the area you’re treating. Each pulse of light, i.e. the mechanism by which Ulike destroys the hair, is bright. The brand includes a pair of handy shades, however, making this a non-issue.

I’ve been treating my underarms, arms, and bikini line so far, only on the left side of my body. (After all, I’d hardly be a good beauty journalist without a control for comparison, would I?) The difference between sides is astonishing: whereas my right side requires shaving every other day to remain smooth, the left treated side requires only a few quick passes of a razor every four days or so. Some areas are entirely devoid of hair (the ultimate goal!) and it’s been a mere month or so since I started. I’ll spare you pictures of my body parts; besides, plenty of shoppers have supplied their own before and afters.

For seriously effective and painless at-home hair removal, shop the Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL Hair Removal Device while it's on sale at Amazon during the retailer's Big Spring Sale. I promise you won’t regret it. Shop more hair removal products below:

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My Sister and I Saved Thousands of Dollars on Hair Removal With This Painless Device (3)

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My Sister and I Saved Thousands of Dollars on Hair Removal With This Painless Device (4)

My Sister and I Saved Thousands of Dollars on Hair Removal With This Painless Device (2024)


Do crystal hair erasers really work? ›

In some cases — for some people — they deliver on them. But they aren't revolutionary. In fact, they don't even really change the game: The results are very similar to shaving, take longer to achieve and leave hair and dead skin cells everywhere. Crystal hair erasers are, in a word: Fine.

What is the best painless hair removal method? ›

Shaving. This hair removal method should be pain-free when done with a sharp razor on wet, well-lubricated skin. Shaving offers a few advantages compared to other hair removal methods: It's painless, simple, quick, affordable and can be done in a pinch.

Does Ulike permanently remove hair? ›

This 70-degree heat destroys hair follicles, permanently reducing hair regrowth.

Do hair removal devices really work? ›

Laser hair removal devices work by killing the hair follicle. But hair grows in cycles, and the lasers only damage follicles during an active cycle of hair growth. So it takes multiple treatments, about a month apart, to completely stop hair from regrowing. For some people, laser hair removal is not entirely permanent.

What are the side effects of crystal hair erasers? ›

The friction required for its functionality can sometimes result in redness, irritation, and even hyperpigmentation for individuals with dry or sensitive skin, active acne or diagnosed with conditions like psoriasis or eczema.

What are the pros and cons of crystal hair eraser? ›

The crystal body hair remover is an innovative and convenient device that offers many advantages over traditional hair removal methods. It is painless, easy to use, and can provide long-lasting results. However, it may not be suitable for all skin types and can be costly for some.

What naturally removes hair? ›

5 Natural Hair Removal Remedies
  • Plucking. Use hand-held tweezers to grab the hair near the skin and pull in the direction of the hair growth. ...
  • Waxing. You can request this method at a salon or attempt it at home. ...
  • Sugaring. This is similar to waxing. ...
  • Pumice Stone. ...
  • Homemade Remover.

What device removes hair by the root? ›

An epilator is an electronic device that removes body hair from the roots. In general, epilators remove more hair than electric shavers do. Although they can take more time and effort to use than shavers, they can save you time and energy in the long run.

How can I remove my hair permanently at home? ›

There is no way to remove hair permanently at home. However, it may be possible to permanently or semipermanently reduce hair growth. According to one study , intense pulsed light (IPL) devices designed for at-home use are safe, and if a person uses them regularly, they are effective for hair removal.

Can Ulike be used on private parts? ›

Yes, Ulike IPL devices can be used on nearly every part of your body. However, please refrain from using them directly on your genitals, eyes, tattooed areas, birthmarks, or on skin with open wounds. Will hair ever regrow in the areas treated by IPL? Each individual's body and hair growth vary.

How do celebrities permanently remove hair? ›

Laser hair removal

The heat is carried down the hairs, destroying the underlying hair follicles and inhibiting future hair growth. While it doesn't remove all the hairs in a single session, the results become more pronounced and permanent over multiple treatments.

Is Ulike Air 3 worth it? ›

Some spots (and it's random) will have a pinch of pain but I've been using this thing in very *sensitive* areas and it's pretty painless. Nothing I can't handle. I know it's pricey but it beats paying for treatments or being embarrassed. I think if you know what you're going into you'll be happy with the results.

What is the strongest hair removal? ›

IPL technology is the longest-lasting hair removal method that can be safely performed at home. For a less expensive and time-consuming option, you can try waxing or hair removal creams that last longer than shaving. The best epilators also typically create results that last longer than shaving.

Do any at home laser hair removal devices work? ›

Yes, at-home laser-hair removal devices do work, but they take consistency. Because at-home devices use lower energy levels than in-office treatments, they require continued use (think: weekly, or every time you shave) to notice similar results, says cosmetic doctor Ana Mansouri, MD.

How long does crystal hair eraser last? ›

If looked after your hair eraser can last up to 5 years. We recommend brushing it off after each use. You can also wash it clean, but you must not store it wet.

Does Crystal hair eraser slow hair growth? ›

the hair grows back slower than shaving because this exfoliates so much as you do it. it doesn't leave a bunch of hair behind like shaving does. cause it only gets like the surface.

How long does Magic Crystal hair removal last? ›

How long does Magic Crystal last? Our Magic Crystal Painless Remover lasts up to 2 years (personal use).

How does the hair eraser remove hair? ›

Hair Eraser causes the hairs to clump and break from the surface when rubbed gently on the skin. A physical Hair Eraser is safer and more accessible, never worry about cleaning, rinse the shaving area with water.

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