The 6 Benefits of Shaving Your Pubic Hair as a Male (2024)

The debate about whether it’s proper to shave pubic hair must have been over a century old. Ask people near you, and you will probably get different views. Some have opined that our pubic areas produce hair for some reasons, and as such, should be left as it is. Even the scientific world isn’t united on what we should do with the forest down there.

But rather than starting another debate that may not be helpful, this article will be explorative. We will consider at least six reasons or motivations for shaving your pubic hair. Also, this article will touch on what might happen if you leave your pubic area unshaven. Furthermore, if you need tips and methods on how to shave your groin area, here is the best place to find them.

Let’s kickstart this exciting journey by exploring why hair grows in our pubic area in the first place.

Why Does Hair Grow in Our Pubic Areas?

The 6 Benefits of Shaving Your Pubic Hair as a Male (1) Hairs start to grow in our genital areas when we reach puberty. The “command” or “signal” that brings about this growth is complex and beyond the scope of this article, but here is a condensed summary of it. Men’s reproductive hormones called androgens , are mainly congested in their reproductive organs and areas. These hormones have receptors on which ligands (commands/signals from the brain) bind, causing their activation.

This activation brings about some observable changes, such as hair growth and the development of sexual characteristics. While these signals are being transported through the body, they will not cause hair growth elsewhere except in the genital areas. That’s because their receptors are located there. The signals are also not sent until a person reaches puberty.

The baseline here is that if you are a male and have reached puberty, you will indeed have pubic hair. The growth rate differs from person to person, but over the years, if not shaved, you will likely have it bushy down there.

Benefits of Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Here are seven things you stand to gain if you shave your pubic hair.

  1. A Cleaner and Fresher Feel

It’s only if you don’t work at all that you won’t sweat. But work aside, hot weather or burning issues in our minds causes us to perspire and release sweat. The major components of this liquid released from our body are water, oil, and salts. Trust the bush down there; they trap these things, and over the weeks, you have a build-up that will cause some pungent odor to emanate from your groin area.

Besides being offensive to you, the odor can also welcome some unhealthy bacteria into your hallowed chambers. Bathing regularly and washing this place will help, but it is not a substitute for shaving. The chances of washing every strand neatly and maintaining a sterile growth are slim. Therefore, The dirt retained can cause some mild discomfort and a feeling of staleness.

Shaving allows your sponge and soap to be in charge of the entire area, giving you a fresh and clean feel.

  1. Enhanced Sexual Experience

The 6 Benefits of Shaving Your Pubic Hair as a Male (2) Do you feel inadequate with your manhood’s size and length? Then, by all means, shave! Many men have found that shaving down there brings their true selves to bear as they realize their potential. While it will not add an inch to your sexual powerhouse, shaving can give your partner full access to your engine room.

But besides that, during foreplay, your significant other might want to plant some kisses around your groin or give you oral sex; if the bush is minimal or absent, she is more encouraged. She knows that her mouth is not in danger of swallowing hair strands or ingesting germs.

You might also discover that the skin-to-skin contact made possible by the absence of hair in your pubic area can lead to greater arousal. Perhaps, that explains why many men would prefer their men to be clean down there before they reach out for a fun time in bed.

  1. Improved Confidence

The 6 Benefits of Shaving Your Pubic Hair as a Male (3) While confidence is undoubtedly a thing of the mind, what we do can make or mar it. Yes, your groin area is private, but your knowledge of how kept or unkempt it is can quickly become visible on your face. Just like knowing that you have body odor can kill your confidence (even when no one perceives anything), knowing that you are unkempt down there can also murder your self-esteem.

If and when there is a need for physical activity with your partner, rather than focusing on enjoying that pleasure that it brings, you will likely be perturbed about how they’ll feel about your groin tidiness. Unless you are carefree, your confidence level will drop, especially if your partner is a neat freak. But if your down there is well-shaved and clean, your confidence will most likely remain unshaken.

  1. Control Infection

Have you seen guys reach out to their groin areas in public for a thorough scratching? A bushy and unkempt down-below most likely causes it. It’s quite embarrassing, but can you help yourself when nature calls? The pathogens that often cause the disgraceful itchiness of the groin area are fungi and bacteria, and the bushier the place, the merrier they get.

Therefore, if you notice or experience itchiness, pain, or discomfort around your groin, it’s not best to keep it bushy. A clean shave plus mild treatment with prescribed ointments or powder will restore the sanctity of your powerhouse. Shaving the pubic area breaks the chain of infection and helps to address it quickly.

  1. Sexual Sensitivity

The 6 Benefits of Shaving Your Pubic Hair as a Male (4) The secret garden is home to sensitive skin, many of which might be missing in action due to the overpopulation of hairs. Many findings have corroborated that pubes devoid of crowding tend to be more sensitive to sexual advances than those that are not.

Of course, it won’t be particularly correct to prescribe shaving the pubes as a remedy for a sexual incompatibility issue. But for an average healthy man, this hygiene routine can greatly improve arousal and sensitivity to stimulations.

  1. Good Aesthetics

Granted, your pubic area is supposed to be a private garden that only you and a privileged person can access. But who does not want a good-looking garden, even if it’s private? Shaving is an excellent way to “cultivate” your secret garden because it allows you to remove old weeds for new ones to grow. It also checks the growth level to avoid becoming a hiding place for pathogens.

Risks Associated With Pubic Hair Removal

The 6 Benefits of Shaving Your Pubic Hair as a Male (5) No one would deny that shaving the pubic region demands extra care. When it’s time to perform this solemn task, you need to stay away from all distractions. That’s because many things can go wrong. Here are a few things you risk shaving your genital area if you don’t do it correctly.

  1. Itchiness:- This condition arises when you shave with a dull blade or in the wrong direction. It can also happen if you don’t lubricate the area after shaving.

  2. Nicks/cuts:- an injury down there can really be discomforting. Unfortunately, it’s one of the commonest setbacks to shaving, and it happens due to impatience, crude tools, or the wrong shaving approach.

  3. Ingrown Hair:-When hairs are cut close to the skin surface, there’s always the risk that it’s not done well, causing the “residue” to grow back to the skin rather than outward. This condition is painful and often causes skin inflammation around the site of occurrence.

  4. Infection:- Without adequate hygiene and maintenance, shaving the groin area increases its susceptibility to infection, especially if a cut occurs. But beyond infection through cuts, touching your genitals with unwashed hands further exposes them to infective agents without the hairs to block them.

Techniques to Remove Your Pubic Hair

Hair removal from any body part is now easier than it was some decades back. Even if you choose to shave as your preferred method, there are improved tools that take care of all identified issues above while also getting you a clean shave. And should you require more options beyond shaving to remove your pubic hair, below are viable alternatives:


Stay away from this removal method if your pain tolerance is quite low. That’s because it involves removing hairs from their roots using hot wax or strips. Waxing pubic hair is, however, advantageous for delayed re-emergence and very smooth results.


You won’t get an immediate result from this method, but it is safe with little or no risks. The intense Pulsed Light hair removal method sends highly-charged light particles to the hair roots through a handheld gadget. After several days, the light disrupts the hair re-growth circle, and they start falling off. You can learn more about its suitability for the genital area from this piece .

Given the super sensitive nature of the skin in this area, only specialized IPL device like the Ulike Sapphire Air3 Purple Handset is safe enough to function in this area. It is FDA and Dermatologists approved for home use. Ulike IPL gadget is also appropriate for sensitive skin parts like the face and pubic area.

Depilatory Creams

Hair removal creams are also available for removing pubic hair. You only need to rub it on the area and watch it fall off or dissolve. Most depilatory creams are harmless, but you must confirm that you aren’t allergic to them before proceeding.


Shaving your private part area is your choice; you can leave it like that or trim it. However, without using the right tools and taking things easy, you might strike the wrong cord doing so. If you ever need a painless and practical approach that will deliver impressive results within days, the Ulike Sapphire IPL device is the best.

The 6 Benefits of Shaving Your Pubic Hair as a Male (2024)


What are the benefits of shaving pubic hair male? ›

So, apart from obvious hygiene you also end up reducing the risk of irritation or infections by removing your pubic hair. Sexual pleasure: Removing pubic hair can enhance sexual sensitivity and pleasure for some men, as it can make the area more exposed and receptive to touch and stimulation.

Should guys fully shave pubes? ›

Some guys prefer a clean shave, others an all-over trim – and some guys prefer a mix of the two. For example, according to a survey by AYTM, 45.75% of men prefer a clean shave above the penis while 47.25% trim the area, leaving most of the hair. If and how you choose to manscape is ultimately up to you.

Is it good to remove hair from private parts for men? ›

Male genital hair removal is a personal choice and there is no need to feel self-conscious about it. However, if you're thinking of grooming your pubic hair, you should consider proper safety measures and optimum products that will help you with the process as knowingly given how thin and precious the skin is.

Why does shaving pubes feel so good? ›

You Will Feel More Comfortable in Your Underwear

They feel a lot more comfortable without pubes in the way. Plus, you will sweat a lot less and the area will feel fresh for longer, which means you will feel good for longer.

What length should men's pubes be? ›

How short should you trim men's pubic hair? The length you trim your pubic hair to is all about personal choice – begin using the 6mm comb on the Gillette All Purpose Styler to get an idea of what it'll look like, then adjust to 4mm or 2mm if you'd like it shorter.

What is the current trend for male pubic hair? ›

The "Trimmed and Tidy"

The "trimmed and tidy" look is a shorter version of the natural style. In this case, pubic hair is clipped to an even length that's slightly shorter than before – usually around 1/4 inch or less.

Do most girls shave down there? ›

About 75 percent of women stick to removing hair from the front and the bikini line. More than 60 percent of babes have gone completely bare. Men are grooming too, with about 50 percent reporting regular manscaping, according to a recent study.

How do men remove pubic hair completely? ›

By far, using a trimmer is the best way to get rid of your pubic hair, and also the most preferred among men who are sensitive to grooming trends. It can really help to keep the area neat and tidy while reducing the risk of ingrown hair and irritation that may occur with other hair removal methods.

Does pubic hair turn gray? ›

As the follicles die and melanin decreases, the color of the hair fades to silver, gray, or white. This process happens with hair all over the body, including pubic hair. In some cases, hair may prematurely age and gray. Again, premature graying can affect hair anywhere, including on the pubic region.

Is it better to shave pubes erect? ›

An erection will enable you to shave those hairs and give you a tidier finish. Other hard tips include shaving in the direction the hairs grow; using short strokes; rinsing the razor regularly in warm water; and finishing off in the shower with a full body rinse.

Does pubic hair smell? ›

Like other hair on your body, your pubes trap sweat, oil, and bacteria. So, they might have a slightly stronger odor than other areas of your body. As long as you wash regularly, this shouldn't be cause for concern.

What percentage of guys shave their pubic hair? ›

What is Intimate Grooming? Intimate grooming is when you trim or shave your pubic hair. A recent survey estimated that around 50% of men groom their pubes. So if you're into it, you're certainly not alone.

Should you shave your butt hair? ›

We can't stress enough that butt fuzz is totally normal. From a health standpoint, there's really no reason to get rid of it, so it's all about personal preference — your butt, your choice. If you're on the fence about whether to go bare, you can always opt to just do some light grooming.

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