What is the annual salary for a high rise window cleaning job? (2024)

By My Service Depot on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Ever thought about pursuing a window cleaning career? Find out how much you could make!

High rise window cleaning is an important job anywhere you can find commercial and residential buildings with windows on higher levels—and let’s face it, that’s just about everywhere in North America! It requires the use of special equipment, a bit of risk, and fearlessly scaling up to the heights necessary to get the job done. It can also be very hard work.

With the right skills and know-how, you can get a good job in the window cleaning industry. Here’s what you need to know!

What’s the annual salary for a window washer of a skyscraper?

Window cleaning technician pay varies depending on location, experience, and job function. According to Glassdoor, window cleaners average $33,107 per year. With experience or a job in management, window cleaners may take home more. Owning your own window cleaning business may allow you to reach higher pay levels, too (in addition to providing you with more control over your own work environment and client list).

Not everyone wants to clean skyscraper windows, though. Plenty of windows in the world need cleaning, and most of them don’t exist 300 feet up in the air.

What is It Like to be a window washer?

The job itself can be demanding and risky, but also thrilling and exciting. Window cleaners face a few occupational hazards that not every trade experiences. Wind is one of the biggest dangers, and on a particularly blustery day, you may have to stop working and plan to resume the job later. Working outside and in the elements also means potential sunburn, windburn, or related exposure.

Cleaning high-up windows using a platform, scaffolding, or suspension poses the risk of falling—although generally professional window cleaning technicians do just fine navigating the heights. Window cleaners may experience long hours of standing or suspension outside of buildings.

For many people, working up in the air above the city or scaling a skyscraper represents part of the fun and excitement of laboring in the industry. It makes them happy to go to work every day. If you find that part terrifying, you may want to consider a window cleaning job that stays a bit closer to the ground.

Should I start a window cleaning business?

Working as a window cleaner in your own business may give you added flexibility and opportunities. If you’re a self-starter and have what it takes for self-employment, then it may be worth a shot.

In addition to a comfort with the job responsibilities involved in window cleaning, self-employed window technicians need:

  • Customer service skills: Since you’ll likely interact with your customers on a regular basis.
  • Office skills: Some administrative and office skills can help you stay on top of client contracts, billing, scheduling, and other office tasks. The right field service software can assist you, but you’ll still need a good grasp of the basics.
  • Marketing savvy: The ability to promote your business will bring in customers and provide what you need to expand your operation.
  • Management skills: As you grow, you’ll probably want to hire other window cleaners and expand your operations. Having management skills gives you the ability to keep everyone on-task and happy with their jobs. You’ll also have responsibility for the health and safety of your team, who may work on dangerous job sites everyday.
  • Business skills: How well you can put everything together into a functional business directly impacts your success. Professional window cleaning businesses, just like any other business, require hard work, great skills, and sometimes even a bit of luck. If your heart is in it, it’s worth a try—research information about the industry and seek out resources (such as this blog!) to help you.

Once you’re ready to start your business, you’ll want to get a business plan together and start preparing for your first steps as a small business owner.

Sky-High Opportunities in Window Cleaning

Cleaning industry jobs are expected to grow 10 percent between 2016 and 2026, so there’s plenty of room for you if you’re interested.

You can get started by finding an entry-level job. You don’t necessarily need a degree or certification, although training and credential opportunities are available, such as the International Window Cleaning Association’s Safety Certification Program. By pursuing learning in the field, you may stand out among other job applicants and grow your career faster and higher. Training also serves as great preparation for starting your own window cleaning business.

If you’re ready to enter the window washing field, start doing additional research and making a plan. Or, just start applying for window cleaning jobs and show up ready to learn and work hard.Remember, the opportunities are sky-high for window cleaners with the right skills and attitude.

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What is the annual salary for a high rise window cleaning job? (2024)
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